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Celebrating over 26 years of crafting in the Texas Hill Country, we provide our customers with quality work that meets the needs of individuals and companies alike.

Our History

James Salter Craftsman was established in 1989 when its founder, James Salter, started hand crafting Shaker and Pennsylvania Dutch style furniture and toys. Over time, what was once a hobby developed into a professional craft. While still producing top-quality wooden products, James expanded his skill set to provide cabinetry, custom engraving, part manufacturing, and prototyping to various organizations throughout the Hill Country.

After moving manufacturing facilities twice, his business expanded to an 8,000 plus square foot facility right off Kerrville's Junction Highway.

Custom bedframe
Customer-designed free-standing chest

Machine Information

  Router Lathe High-speed Laser High-power Laser
Working Area 60 x 120in. 8 x 72in. 50 x 52in. 35 x 55in.
HP/Wattage 11 HP 2 HP 50 watts 185 watts
Cuttable Materials Wood, Acrylic,
Composite materials
Wood Wood, Glass,
Acrylic, Stone,
Leather, Bone
Wood, Glass,
Acrylic, Stone,
Leather, Bone
Usage Large-scale cutting,
Large-scale engraving
Intricate turnings,
Asymmetrical turnings
Custom cutting,
Custom engraving
Custom cutting,
Custom engraving

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Because we are not limited to a single product or service, rates vary. Typically CAD time, machine time, and materials (if needed) are taken into consideration when estimating prices.

How long do projects typically take?

Your average job takes about two weeks. Of course, that depends on the size of the project.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept just about any file format.

Do you ship items?

We do provide shipping!

Do you supply materials?

We can supply materials (though some may require ordering).