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Celebrating over 26 years of crafting in the Texas Hill Country, we provide our customers with quality work that meets the needs of individuals and companies alike.

Custom Cutting & Engraving

Intricate laser-cut fish
Cowboy roping bull engraved in leather

Laser cutting, etching, and engraving with the level of detail that can’t be obtained with anything else. Inlay, fretwork, and templates are excellent examples of the laser’s many uses.

Custom business door front
Custom grapevine molding

Our 60 x 120 inch CNC router is unbeatable for larger cutting and engraving projects such as prototype design and part fabrication.

Images and photographs for engraving can be emailed to us with contact information. Once received, we will contact you to arrange payment then ship the photograph engraved on wood to your home or business.

Intricate Turnings

Various examples of banister styles
Double-helix with round base
Victorian-style banister

The shop’s newest addition, our CNC Mill Lathe, uses cutting-edge technology to create symmetrical or asymmetrical turnings with unparalleled precision. With an 8 x 72 inch working area, it can craft anything from table legs to finials, gunstocks to bed posts, and everything in between. Have a custom-made spindle that needs to be replaced? We can scan the original and create a duplicate. For custom creations, please provide a flash drive with the appropriate file type (.dfx) or bring in a sketch.

Furniture Repair & Modification

Victorian-style banister

We’ve all had furniture that was either broken or just a little off. A wobbly lamp, uneven table, or chair that couldn’t stand up to the pressure of Thanksgiving dinner – regardless of what happened, we can fix it.

Unfortunately, we do not repair antiques. The type of materials, glues, and finishes we use would hurt the value of the pieces. Antiques are better left to people who specialize in that work.