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Celebrating over 26 years of crafting in the Texas Hill Country, we provide our customers with quality work that meets the needs of individuals and companies alike.


James Salter Craftsman offers a wide variety of services for professionals, businesses, homeowners, and hobbyists. Common things we do include custom cutting and engraving, lathe turning, furniture modification and repair, prototype development, and custom furniture and cabinetry. Have a project that isn't mentioned here? Feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can help, or at least steer you to someone who can. For more information about our history, our machines, and FAQs, visit our about page.

Cutting & Engraving

CNC router

Our CNC lasers and router are perfect for custom cutting and engraving materials like wood, aluminum, composite materials, glass, acrylic, stone, leather, and bone. We even engrave images and photos!

Intricate Turnings

CNC lathe

Our newest addition to the shop, a 72 x 8 inch CNC lathe, can turn table legs, gunstocks, and finials. It can even carve detailed faces and asymmetrical pieces.

Furniture Repair & Modification

Furniture repair

We've worked on some interesting repairs over the years, and met some great people along the way. If you have an item you need repaired or altered, give us a call. Please, no antiques.

Custom Furniture

Custom Dinner table and chair set

Each person is unique. Every business maintains an image. We craft custom furniture that meets any personal or professional need.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom kitchen cabinetry

Making a house your home is all about the details and custom cabinetry can make those details your very own.